Helping Others Helps Yourself, Give It A Try

Yes, you can give of yourself and we need that more than ever before

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Helping others is often seen as a selfless act, but it’s not always that way. You get something in return.

The act of helping others is more than just doing what needs to be done and moving on to the next item on the list. There is an interaction involved where we are teaching others and providing the skills that they need to know too survive in this world.

How can helping others help yourself at the same time?

  • You can see how your assistance is having a positive impact
  • The recipient is learning something from your efforts and that feedback helps you become a better teacher
  • Helping others builds the local community and that makes everyone stronger
  • When others get assistance, they will hopefully transfer that new knowledge or skill to someone else down the line
  • Helping others sets up tiny amounts of confidence and strength that others will need to get back on their feet one day
  • You get back a lot more than you give, which is true
  • Remember the saying about doing unto others as you would have them do to you, and remember what it means
  • Remember that the point is to help others, and that means to teach them how to help themselves because they need that more than any thing else

Almost all of us need additional help these days and there’s no need to be ashamed to ask for that help. Yes, it can be hard to ask for things but communication is more important than ever before.

How can you help and teach at the same time?

  • Show someone how to do something
  • Make sure they are listening and participating
  • Ask them to demonstrate their learning
  • Teach them how to look for and find what they need
  • Provide regular feedback

There are many ways to ask for assistance and you don’t have to keep asking over and over if someone isn’t listening. Just move on to the next person or next organization. Eventually you will encounter someone who is good both listening and understanding.

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