How Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Can Help You Succeed In 2021

Optimism seems to be growing

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Soon Joe Biden will be the new president of the United States of America. Kamala Harris will be vice president. And hope will be on the horizon.

There is a new future coming for America and it is time to embrace it. That doesn’t mean that everyone has to share the same politics and beliefs, no not at all. But it will help a lot if people around the country stay united in the belief that things can get better.

How can things get better? After all, there doesn’t seem like there is much hope for large portions of the country. There is a lot of financial pain and few easy ways to get out of it for millions of people.

What can Biden and Harris do for the average American? Here are a few suggestions.

  • Stop evictions and foreclosures. This alone can help many renters and businesses. But how can that help you if you don’t need that kind of assistance. If people and businesses are being faced with eviction and can’t stay where they want or need to stay, there are lots of financial resources that will allocated toward moving and relocating. When that happens, there is a lot less available discretionary money available to spend elsewhere. Local businesses and companies rely on small purchases to develop their businesses.
  • Stimulus payments. Yes, many economists the world agree that these government payments to individuals and households are very important in many different ways. But do they help you, someone who is trying to develop a business or keep a job? Of course they do. These movies are distributed throughout the economy and help in all kinds of ways. Some money goes toward groceries and food and that supports jobs. Some is given to recreation and that helps those workers.
  • Tax credits. Do tax credits benefit local economies? It seems likely that they do. Imagine a scenario where a family has more money to spend. What is likely to happen? Most likely that money goes back into the economy in all kinds of ways. Rarely do families save the entirety of their tax refunds.

Will Joe Biden and Kamala Harris be able to overcome everything that happened in 2020? That is a very tall order indeed.

What needs to be the priority?

  • Solutions. There needs to be a massive focus on real solutions, and not just a patchwork of temporary fixes. What does that mean? Well, yes, financial assistance in mass doses are surely going to help, but what after that? What about in the next six months or longer?
  • Career training. Millions of American adults are hurting because there are no jobs available to them. The pandemic accelerated many economic shifts that had been occurring, such as the shift toward more online shopping and more working from home. These are incredible adjustments that are willing out millions of jobs and occupations. We need job training and career opportunities for people who want to work and succeed.
  • Unity. Above all else, we need to find common ground in terms of bridging the political divide. A country divided against itself politically is one that is less likely to thrive going forward. How will it work if one political power uses majority voting and votes for anything and everything it wants and ignores the other party? That is not going to work on the long run.

When the new administration works to help the average American to succeed, to stay in their home, and to find stable employment, then that is the beginning of everyone else do one better. Each one of us can succeed when millions of others succeed, one step at a time.

This is a time in the future of America when there will be big changes. It is likely that many families will be given assistance in the short term.

We will see how Biden and Harris will be able to help millions of people work from this starting point into something great for themselves, their families, and their communities.

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