How To Avoid Those Holiday Shipping Delays

How you can help on-time delivery

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If you are ordering gifts this year, make sure you do what you can do to help your packages get to you on time. It is easy to point the finger or blame delivery services, when we don’t have to go that route and instead we can help them.

There are some things that each of us can do to help our gifts and online orders get to us before the holidays. Here are some of my suggestions.

  • Shop early and in advance
  • Be aware of when the items are scheduled to arrive
  • Have someone be at home to receive the packages
  • Monitor the delivery progress so that you know when your package will be delivered
  • Promptly retrieve your packages from the front of your house or mailbox

There will be circumstances when it may be difficult to be at home for the package delivery. If so, consider asking trusted friends or neighbors if they can assist you.

The holiday season will see many millions of gifts add orders delivered all around the world. Each of us can do our part to help in this process by doing the small things that result in a happier holiday season.

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