How To Find Courage In Times Of World Crisis And Tragedy
We must support one another and continue to love

In times of home confinement with no work or school for many millions of people, hope and courage can be in short supply. The days pass by too slowly and worse news seem to come too quickly.

When strength and determination are needed more than ever, they seem harder to initiate or maintain. It is a harder time by the day, the hour, and the minute. It seems to be too much.

What can people do to find more courage these days?

  • Prayer. If you are involved with a religious organization, make sure you set aside time to pray and also to communicate with the leaders of your group. Praying often helps to empower yourself with courage.
  • Family. Stay in regular communication with your loved ones who care about you. They can offer strength in dark times.
  • Friends. We have social connections because relationships help define us, and they are there for us when we need them most.
  • Neighbors. Think of your favorite people who live next door or down the street and how much it means for you to visit with them and vice versa.
  • School teachers. Remember the love that your teachers have for your children and how much extra effort they put into their education and training.
  • Health care workers. Yes, those who help us when we need medical or mental health are those who inspire us because of what they do.

These are just a few suggestions to help while the world and all the countries in it try to soldier on. We must keep up the fight, stay strong, and live to see another day. We will make it. I know that we will.

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