How To Fix Your Writing Blues

Darrin Atkins
2 min readFeb 16, 2024

Get back to having maximum fun every day

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Do you have a bad case of the writing blues?

Does the thought of creating content feel like some heavy dark cloud following you wherever you go?

You could be feeling like I was feeling recently when I couldn’t sleep at all and the day dragged into night and then another day and then another night.

You may have the writing blues.

It’s okay. I know the feeling where you just can’t do it any more, don’t want to think of anything, and just need a break.

That’s fine. It’s good to take a break and then come back when you’re ready.

There are so many other things you can do. Go take a hike or ride a bike. Do your taxes or bake some molasses. Eat some cake for old times sake. Buy some socks or rearrange your rocks. Watch a movie or practice being groovy.

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You are not alone in this writing world and you don’t have to feel lonely. After all, there are lots of writer friends on Medium who would like your company.

You can always:

  • Read a story
  • Leave a witty comment
  • Highlight your favorite words
  • Post an emoji
  • Write a story
  • Share content with others
  • Search for wonderful content
  • Read another story

Fun really matters.

One time I was giving a college campus tour to potential students. I worked hard at showing the important buildings, the restaurants and dining halls, and the sports venues. I showed the student services building and talked about financial aid.

When I was done, I asked for feedback on how it went and how I could improve.

“More fun stuff," was the response I received from one of the girls.

I try to remember that powerful piece of advice and how it really matters to me: more fun stuff.

Life and living can always use more fun stuff so try to incorporate fun in your writing pricess or in your content every chance you get.



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