How To Get Energized About Today, Tomorrow, And The Future

Ways to get excited & how to utilize that energy in productive ways

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This year is definitely going to be a memorable one, and not necessarily in a good way. There are hardships around every corner, and new challenges seem to present themselves on an hourly basis. As if we didn’t have enough to worry about last year, this new year has brought about impossible situations.

Don’t lose hope just yet. As long as the world keeps turning, there are going to be wonderful things happening on the planet. As long as the sun keeps shining bright, great things will bless us with their goodness.

How do we keep up our positive perspective so that it can help others and ourselves? Here are some suggestions:

  • You might get a great job soon. Yes, there is high unemployment right now, but things can change quickly. The government might start a big infrastructure project in your town and you might be hired because of your skills. A big company may want all people with certain other experience, which you have, and you could be hired very quickly.
  • Financial stimulus money from the government could be headed your way. This is really going to help you when you need it the most, so make sure you research when and how you will receive your cash.
  • You are a person with skills. Remember this always as you move through life. Don’t get down on yourself when times are hard. Get a paper and write down all of the things you are good at, and add to that list on a regular basis.
  • You have experience in your field. There is a lot of value in the amount of time you have spent in your field or industry, because that experience has given you exposure to a wide variety of problems and solutions.
  • You have a solid education. Your good grades didn’t happen by accident. You worked hard to meet high standards and that academic discipline will help you in many other situations in life. Discipline and determination goes a long way in this world, especially when you have the tenacity to keep finding the right answers to tough problems.
  • You are great with technology and computers. Take a look at your social media profiles and all the people you know and who you are connected with. Remember how you set up your new flat-screen television in record time. Think back to how fast your were able to help your friends when they needed technology help.
  • Computer software comes easy for you. Being able to adapt to new workplace software or applications is not easy for everyone, especially when you have to migrate tons of information from an older system to a brand new one. You can handle it with a smile.
  • Social interactions are a breeze. Most of life is social in nature, from interacting at home to mingling at the office. You know what to say and when to say it, and you know when and where silence is golden. You are sensitive and empathetic when you need to be, and you are attuned to the mood of the room.
  • You are a hard worker. This goes a long way in so many different parts of life. Every business has work to do and they need people to do it. You don’t mind getting it done and putting in an honest day’s work.
  • Reliable is your middle name. Some people are dependable and some or not, but you are one of the first of these two. You show up ready for work, on a regular basis, like clockwork. People can count on you.

These are just some ways to help you get energized and hopeful about the future. Things will get better. It may take a while, but it is going to happen.

Keep being strong every day of the week and focus on the positive things you read in the news or hear about from friends and family. Spread the good information and keep clear of negativity.

Remember that your words and actions affect other people and we have to remember that, because we need each other if things continue to get worse. A lot of us are not used to long periods of hard times so we need to lean on our family, friends, and neighbors to survive and then, beyond that, to become successful.

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