How To Get Food For The Children When You Run Out Of Money

There are resources available for families so don’t wait until it’s too late

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In this time of crisis, people are scared. There is fear in the news, panic in the stock market, and a general uneasiness everywhere you look. It is a very hard time for millions of people worldwide.

The biggest worry for a lot of families is food or running out of it. Before the crisis hit, many families were living week by week, paycheck to paycheck. Now with sudden unemployment all over the place and future prospects slim, there is a lot more sleepless nights for large portions of the population.

How can you get food when you have no money or credit? This is a pressing concern that grows worse by the minute.

Here are my suggestions for ways to get food and groceries for yourself, your children, and your family when you don’t have a way to pay for them:

  • Contact your local religious organization. There are many churches and religious entities that reach out and help the needy in times of stress. Call them today or check out their website. They want to help, for sure.
  • Call or message your family. Yes, make sure you do this right away. There is no shame in letting your family know that you or your children don’t have enough food or that your are running low on groceries. You can tell them that you are not asking for money or anything like that. I know a lot of people don’t want to give cash to others, but they are very happy to purchase meals or groceries delivered to them from online retailers.
  • Your local school district. Many school districts already feed meals to low-income students and they are not going to stop now. Call them or check out their website right away.
  • Check out your local city website. Your local government is probably thinking about how they can provide meals or groceries in this very hard time. They may have posted information about it on their website or have information available by calling a number.
  • State or federal governments. The large governments may not have specific information about your neighborhood or city, but they probably have resources, phone numbers, or websites to visit that offer help.
  • Newspapers and media. Local newspapers, TV stations, and radio stations often have a ton of information and they want to share it. Look up your paper online. If you can’t find the info, call or email them.
  • Unemployment offices. In addition to resources and compensation for the unemployed, the unemployment office may also have information about how families can receive free groceries and food for those in need.
  • Food banks. These organizations do a great job at helping hundreds of thousands of people. Look online for the food banks in your county or region.

Please start the process of reviewing these resources right away. These agencies that there is a big need right now because millions of people are going to suffer financially and will run out of money to buy food and groceries. Remember to be patient too because there may be restrictions about when and where they can be open to the public.

These are incredible times and we have to keep the focus on what matters the most. Keep loving your family members. Keep a roof over their head. And keep groceries in the home by making sure you use these resources if you and your loved ones need them.

Please don’t panic or do anything you will regret. Pick up the phone or go online and find the information you need, find the times when pickups can be made or deliveries can be scheduled, and stay on contact. We will all get through this together if we help each other any and every way that we can.

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