How to Get Over the Wednesday Blues

You need to power up

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If you’re like me, you may be getting the Wednesday Blues. What are they? They are a lot different than TGIF and that’s a certainty.

I don’t know if the Wednesday Blues is a common phrase or not, but I know what it is and I feel it on Wednesdays.

Here are some things that go with the Wednesday Blues:

  • It’s the middle of the week
  • It’s far from the next weekend
  • Last weekend is a distant memory
  • The roads are super packed
  • The train or bus is crowded
  • Every person seems to be going somewhere at the same time as you or me
  • It is too crowded everywhere
  • There is too much work to do
  • I’ll never get to the end of the week

How do you treat the Wednesday Blues? After all, there is no cure because Wednesdays will keep happening for all time.

Well, you have to prepare yourself when you know you’re getting closer to a Wednesday. You need to gather yourself like a soldier would get ready for battle in an epic war.

Here are my tips to help get you get mentally fit to conquer your next Wednesday so you don’t suffer the Wednesday Blues:

  • Keep an eye on your calendar as you get closer to Wednesday.
  • On Tuesday, remind yourself that the next day is Wednesday.
  • Wake up a little earlier on Wednesday because the roads will be crowded and nobody likes being late.
  • Keep reminding yourself that it is Wednesday and everybody on the planet tends to work or go somewhere on Wednesdays.
  • Get where you’re going as soon as possible.
  • Find your seat at work and relax with your favorite beverage.
  • Say nice things throughout the day.
  • Smile more than usual.
  • Look at pretty pictures.

These are just a few ideas to help you with the Wednesday Blues.

The good news is that most of the days of the week are not Wednesdays. Thank goodness because commuting is so hard on Wednesdays.

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