How To Handle Changes To Your Holiday Plans This Year

Things are going to be a lot different

Things have changed. The whole planet is stopping at different times and in different ways. New rules and laws are affecting us big time. We often don’t know what the next day will bring.

But what about your holiday plans or vacation schedules? Most likely your itinerary is going to be impacted in innumerable ways.

Let’s say you had plan to go on holiday in these places:

  • Resort
  • Amusement park
  • Big city
  • Fancy beach town
  • National park
  • Foreign country
  • Sports event
  • Gambling city
  • Religious destination

What are the biggest changes?

  • A lot of places are closed
  • There are reduced hours
  • There may not be workers there
  • Prices may have changed
  • Roads could be blocked

What can you do about your holiday or vacation brings being changed or cancelled altogether?

  • Be polite if you call
  • Ask if the resort or destination will be open or closed
  • Check websites frequently
  • Be considerate in your tone
  • Ask for a refund if you can’t go or if the destination has closed for a while
  • Ask for a waiver of other fees
  • Keep your cool

There are so many closings right now that it is hard to keep track. Sometimes things change minute by minute.

Please remember that resort staff and hotel workers want things to return to normal just like you do. Everyone is reading the news and getting worried.

Vacation plans and holiday travel are likely to be seriously impacted in the weeks and months ahead. Please remember this and try to do something else instead.

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