How To Handle Microaggressions, Cold Shoulders, & Stares These Days

Now is the time to be strong and courageous when fear is prevalent

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The world is on a hard path and there is not much to be done in the way of stopping it. Even worse, the true nature of some people will start to come out and it will not be pretty. We can turn the other cheek, as the saying goes, but after a while we will not be able to take it any more.

What are we going to see more often than any time before?

  • Microaggressions
  • Cold shoulders
  • Stares
  • Verbal attacks
  • Racism
  • Mean streaks
  • Yelling
  • Impoliteness
  • Rudeness

I say these things will happen more often because they often seem to go along with negative changes in society, when there are feelings of helplessness, when unemployment goes up suddenly and income is scarce, when there is no way to bill the bills, and when people are looking for scapegoats to blame.

There will also be a rise in crime because a small percentage of society will feel that they have no other choice but to steal or rob, even though they feel bad about it and don’t want to do it. But often people can handle these types of crimes. It is the breaking of social norms of politeness that often hurts a lot more.

How do you handle these breaks of social niceties?

  • Keep love in your heart
  • Learn to forgive
  • Try to forget
  • Strive toward understanding their perspective
  • Help when you can
  • Build up your social connections in your neighborhood to act as a defense
  • Show you can handle your emotions
  • Keep your poise
  • Stay polite
  • Maintain your polite tone of voice
  • Stay friendly when possible

The news media is already reporting stories of how certain people are being mistreated in the era of coronavirus. This may be due to their ethnicity and how some people are blaming an entire race or country. Others may use this as an excuse to point fingers at outside groups who have some of the remaining jobs, the ones that have been deemed essential.

Courage will be needed to stand up when these social wrongs occur and are witnessed by others. If one person starts pointing a finger at another and saying something rude or impolite, someone else needs to stand up to this. If a store clerk is being verbally abused because some important items are out of stock, the others in line need to speak up and condemn this behavior.

We can get through this new reality but t may take months or years. The unemployment and lack of money will be hard enough. Being treated poorly in public is often the last straw for some. All of us need to strive to maintain our social graces and civility.

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