How To Keep The Lights And Power On Without Breaking The Bank

Keep a watchful eye on your electric, gas and water usage while you are home

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  • Water use elsewhere. It is easy to just take showers when you feel like it and all that, but you’re probably not getting very dirty if you are working remotely via computer. You may not need to shower every day and you can always cut your showers short. Most showers use many gallons of water so you want to reduce the amount of water you use. There are also special shower heads that can reduce water consumption.
  • The lights. Do your best not to have so many lights on throughout the day. There should be plenty of sunshine outside you can use so open up your curtains. You can also purchase energy-efficient light bulbs that last a long time and use less electricity.
  • Appliances. Make sure to check to see if you are using energy-efficient applicants. Old refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, or water heaters may by causing your utility bills to go high in a hurry. You can often get free inspections or checkups by your local power company to help you discover where you can save money.
  • Televisions. A lot of new TVs don’t use much power and are designed to cost very little in terms in operation. If you do not have a new one, make sure to think about replacing the one you have with an energy-efficient one.

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