How To Lend A Helping Hand Every Day You Can

Everyone needs help these days. Try to do what you can to help others.

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The current state of the economy is probably not going to get better in the immediate future, and it is likely to get worse for a lot of people in the world. We have to brave ourself for this new reality. We cannot pretend that all of this is not happening.

Acceptance is the first step that we need to make. Each of us has a reality that we are facing. For some people, things are not so bad. For others, it would be an understatement to say to that things are going to be really hard.

After acceptance of this reality, we need to get started on building up from there, on doing everything we can in all our power to right the ship and prevent ourselves from sinking, as the saying goes.

How can you lend a helping hand when you can barely leave the house?

  • Say something nice to everyone in your household and mean it
  • Think of positive things that you can share with others
  • If you know of friends or family members that are struggling, order them a big meal from a restaurant that does delivery
  • Order some groceries for a large family that you know
  • Share any news about jobs that you hear for those you know who are unemployed
  • Join online groups in your area to see who needs help
  • Find social assistance organizations that need volunteers from home, such as making phone calls or answering emails
  • Offer to help your local schools
  • Do more chores around the house
  • Wake up earlier and prepare breakfast for anyone in the household who goes to work
  • Ask if your local food bank needs donations or volunteers
  • Volunteer in any capacity at a women’s shelter
  • Call and offer assistance to organizations that help battered women
  • Find wonderful stories about good news and share them as much as possible
  • Consider the emotional needs of others and how you can help
  • Last, but not least, lend a helping hand to yourself. Make sure your needs are being meet. Keep getting rest and proper nutrition.

Try to do one of these things today. Yes, you may not receive anything in return, maybe not even an acknowledgement of your effort. But we all have to pitch in. We have to try. Our futures depend on it.

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