How To Maintain Your Feelings of Self Worth When Your Job Is Gone

We are all essential to our loved ones, and now we need them more than ever

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It can be a massive financial loss when your lose your job unexpectedly, when your regular income is suddenly taken from you. These days, with soaring unemployment, people are experiencing a wide range of negative emotions. Sleepless nights will soon follow for many of us.

Times were already hard enough due to expensive costs of living. If you add the loss of one’s career to that, you are looking at a world of grief and struggle. It is hard to comprehend that the world soon is likely to see hundreds of millions of people without a job.

Being Essential

There is a lot of talk in the news about how some occupations are deemed more essential than others right now, and how those people get to keep their jobs.

This may not be fair to many people. It is going to be hard for some of us to understand who made these decisions about which people get to keep on providing for their families and which individuals do not get to go to work.

I say that everyone’s job is essential. I think that many businesses should have been able to keep their employees on the job, because those people were hired for a reason and they were paid to do work that needed to get done.

Self Worth

If you were the financial breadwinner for your family and your job has just disappeared due to lack of customers, government shutdown, layoffs, or any other reason, you are likely going through a range of emotions and concerns.

Remember that you have more value than just the amount of money you bring to the family. You have to remind yourself of that.

Your feelings of self worth can come from other places:

  • Your family connections
  • Your friends and your relationships with them
  • Your skills and abilities that you can teach others
  • Your positive attitude
  • Your ability to be punctual
  • Your strong work ethic
  • Your social skills
  • Your humor that cheers up others around you
  • Your easy-going manner
  • Your smile
  • Your belief that things will get better
  • Your love of sports that helps others forget about their problems
  • Your role in your church or religious organization
  • Your maturity
  • Your past earnings
  • Your future earnings
  • Your love for your family
  • Your passion for learning and sharing that passion with others
  • Your way with animals
  • Your green thumb
  • Your patience
  • Your gentleness
  • Your inner and outer beauty

If anything starts to feel overwhelming, make sure you seek professional help as soon as possible. There are a lot of free hotlines and websites with people ready and willing to help you and resources available to guide you.

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