How To Stay Positive When The Sunlight Fades In The Evening

Your love and belief in the future will help all of us when we need it

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There does not seem to be an easy solution to the problems facing the world these days. But I believe that we are all going to make it. I know we will, because the alternative is not acceptable.

If you are struggling these days and the darkness seems to beget different types of darkness, then it might help to think of other things.

Here are some things to help give your mind a break:

  • Beautiful flowers
  • Glorious sunsets
  • People who love you
  • Your favorite movie stars
  • Wondrous nature
  • Long hugs
  • Red roses
  • Delicious chocolate
  • A funny story
  • A great train ride
  • A great mystery story
  • A wonderful romance
  • The French language
  • Children laughing
  • Pets playing
  • Cookies baking
  • Ice cream sundaes
  • Relaxing Sundays
  • Beautiful newborn babies
  • Happy birds in the tree

A lot of families are struggling these days and there no easy answers. There is help available and I have a few ideas.

If you need help, consider the following:

  • Call your family
  • Connect with your best friends
  • Seek out local food banks
  • Contact your unemployment office
  • Call or email your landlord or mortgage holder and ask for postponements
  • Contact utility providers and see if you can make reduced payments
  • Research ways to make money online
  • Call a suicide hotline if you are despondent
  • Contact a women’s shelter if you are a woman in need of assistance
  • Inform the police if you are in danger

I hope you can use these tips and suggestions. Stay strong and remember that we are in this together. We will get by, as the song goes, and we will survive.

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