How To Strengthen Connections On The Path To New Opportunities

Ideas to help you build long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships

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The world is undergoing vast new changes, many of which are structural in nature. Like a hurricane that comes in and radically alters a large area, the coronavirus and its effects are accelerating big changes to how we live and work.

How is the world changing? Instead of being inside a classroom children are participating in online education and they are getting accustomed to it. Adults who had not worked from home are now finding telecommuting to be a viable alternative.

These vast changes to societies and economies around the world have opened up new opportunities for people to connect in different ways. Success is becoming dependent on how quickly and efficiently people can video conference, build group connections, grow sales pipelines, and network.

How can you strengthen your current and future connections so that can lead to sales opportunities and more revenue?

  • Work on quality business relationships. Take a hard look at your sales prospects to see which customers can most benefit from your services, and also examine which clients are serious about partnering with you. There is no sense wasting valuable time on potential new business when they don’t seem to have a solid business plan or they are not good at the fundamentals of an industry.
  • Work on more face-to-face encounters. This does not have to be in person, of course, given how much video conferencing has grown in importance. But make sure you and your client or prospect spent some time seeing and talking to each other in real time. You can learn a lot about each other through tone and body language, above and beyond the written communication going back and forth.
  • Build trust in your business relationships. Trust happens over time and it is important to remind yourself that it goes both ways. You want to be trust that you will paid for your work, and the other party wants a great service or product.
  • Show understanding and be flexible. People are going through a lot of difficult situations these days, and on-time payments may not be feasible when there’s barely enough cash to make payroll. Make sure you are working hard to be empathetic to the situations of others, but be clear about expectations if you agree to delays in payments for your products or services.

The world has suddenly shifted to an environment of expecting adults and students to be online, be accessible, be available, and be productive on a regular basis. This is the new reality, and this state is going to be with us long after things return to any semblance of normalcy.

We have to continue where we left off when people go back to work and school like we used to do. Many millions of people will have gotten used to working or schooling from home and they will just continue to do that. In order to do that, people will need to maximize their ability to connect with others, or lose ground to others who are getting ahead of them.

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