How To Win An Election For U.S. President When You Actually Lost

I’m not suggesting that any political party think about any of this

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We all know that politics is a cruel business. There are wins and losses and people usually agree on the outcome and then move on.

But what if a big presidential election happens and there is no agreement on the winner.

Well, surely it will be obvious at some point, right? We have to have election winners and losers so that we can have organized and peaceful transition of power.

This year might be a little different.

Here are some ways you that someone could declare himself or herself the winner but actually be the loser, and vice versa.

  • Win the electoral college vote but lose the popular vote. You’re the winner!
  • Win the popular vote but lose the electoral college vote. You’re the winner!
  • Challenge the validity of ballots that came in late in every state. You’re the winner!
  • Challenge the electoral college votes that your opponent wins whenever there were invalid votes counted. You’re the winner!
  • Investigate the other party’s candidates who were born to parents who at some point were citizens of another country. You’re the winner!
  • Declare that some vote-counting machines counted wrong, or counted wrong in favor of the other political party, or failed to transmit results accurately or on time. You’re the winner!
  • Investigate whether campaign funds by the other part were solicited illegally, or used improperly, and then seek to declare the results invalid, for every city, county, and state in which the ads were displayed or disseminated. You’re the winner!
  • Complain that socal media companies treated you or your political party unfairly, or displayed too many ads in favor of your opponent, or declined too many of you or your party’s advertisements. Then seek to declare those states' electoral votes as invalid. You’re the winner!
  • Challenge anything and everything that is even remotely worth a chance of succeeding if you lose. You’re the winner!

I am not a constitutional law expert and I certainly don’t claim that any of these ideas are legally valid or invalid.

I’m not advocating for one political party or another, and I’m not suggesting that any person or political party will do any of these things.

I’m just saying that we’re going to find out real soon this year if we have an obvious winner in the U.S. presidential election or if we don’t.

Now if I wanted to win, and I were running for President of the United States of America, I might start thinking about some of these ideas myself.

After all, I want to win too!

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