I’d Rather Be on Medium Right Now

I hope you understand

The taxes are due soon, and it looks like we won’t get much of a refund this year compared to last year and, yes, it’s my fault as I should have done this other thing, or rather I should not have done what I did do, so now there’s no extra money left to go on vacation, especially given the lack of work and... I’d rather be on Medium right now.

The wiring still does not work in the laundry room, and yes I put it in a new switch but that didn’t seem to do anything other than waste a couple of bucks, so yes we need to do laundry only in the daytime so we can see what we are doing, or maybe we can put a lamp in there... I’d rather be on Medium right now.

I can’t remember the password I need for this one particular account, and I must’ve mistyped it and now I’m locked out for one hour, and I better figure a way to remember what I did wrong, and I sure hope I don’t get locked out again because then, well, come on... I’d rather be on Medium right now.

My skin is really sensitive to bleach but given the shortage of other cleaners these days, well, that is what we’re using, but I can sense the tiniest amount and it makes my skin itch for some unknown reason... I’d rather be on Medium right now.

I just found out that my favorite uncle had to go to the hospital tonight, and he and his family have already had the worst year of their lives before this month even got started, and I don’t even have the words... I’d rather be on Medium right now.

It’s going to rain all weekend long, and be muddy, and there’s no place to go at all, and the big county park we went to last weekend is now locked up tight, so we’re just going to walk around the block again and... I’d rather be on Medium right now.

I’d rather be on Medium right now so I can read stories about how people are getting along with each other, how they are sharing tips and guidance on finding work or paying bills, how they are reporting what is happening all over the planet, how they are adapting to the new challenges and overcoming them, and how they are showing resilience in the face of the biggest crisis on Earth since I don’t know when.

I’d rather be on Medium right now, and I am.

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writer and novelist. traveler and adventurer. looking for fun in the sun. chasing the dream. can't stop the feeling that time is going faster.

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