Ideas And Tips About Computer Coding And Programming Classes for Kids (And Adults)

There are lots of coding programs available to those who are interested and open to challenges

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Coding is the computer language of the future. It is certainly relevant to the present, of course, but there is lots of talk and news about how computer language coders and those adept at coding will be needed in the jobs market.

Not everyone is interested in coding. Yes, that’s true. But there is a big need for coders and those who can develop some skills.

So the more experience and training that you have in this area, then hopefully you can build up your confidence to go further in this field.

Computer language coding or programming coding is something that many parents are excited about these days and around the world. It is an avenue for their children to explore, and a possibility for their family to gain experience and education in the field of the future.

For some parents, it can be a challenge to find the right coding camp, course or class for their family. Some coding programs are taught in-person, some are too expensive, and some are too advanced. It can be very hard to find the right coding program at the right price for the right age group.

For those parents and family members who are dedicated to learning coding skills and taking coding classes, there are plenty of online coding programs that might work for them.

This year my family and I tried some parts of some coding programs for children. We sampled them to see if we wanted to continue with them, and we also wanted to see if or children wanted to continue with them.

The following information is based on my experience only and I have no affiliation or involvement with these companies, other than as a parent who enrolled my own children to try the coding classes.

  • White Hat Jr.... This is an online coding class that we tried earlier this year. We enrolled both of our children, male and female, into the coding course. There was a free introductory class that was one-on-one via video link. It was a very professional lesson and the instructors were great.
  • Varsity Tutors ... We enrolled in a few of the free coding online courses over the summer. It was very easy to sign up and was a great opportunity for the kids.
  • Hour of Code... We did this program a while ago at a local library and we really liked the setup and being able to spend time with live coding instructors in the library. I hope these programs come back one day.

These are just a few of the coding programs that we have tried. Granted, we did not take the classes past the free trials or complimentary sessions, but I think that many parents might also want to try a free coding class first to see if it will work for their family members.

There will be plenty of jobs in the future that relate to coding or the development of skills regarding computer language code. Keep an open mind about this industry and try and enroll in coding programs if you get the chance.

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