I’m Expecting A Non-Win But I Am Hoping For A Victory

Darrin Atkins
2 min readSep 16

I’ve learned to moderate my expectations when it comes to weekend competitions

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Today is a big game.

That’s right. We went to practice during the week, we studied the other team’s style and schemes, and today we face off against one of the top three teams in the league.

I’m an emotional wreck.

Non-Wins or Losses or Ties

There is a different meaning in how you perceive a defeat. I mean, we don’t like losing, but I don’t like using words like losing or loss. It is but productive.

A win would be great for the team. Even a tie score would be helpful. But another loss sinks us deeper into last place. It’s not the end of the world, but it sure feels like it.

You Need To Calm Down

Today I’m reminding myself to stay calm. I will say to myself, “It’s only a game."

It’s more important to have fun, and that’s absolutely the case these days. Having fun matters a lot.

“Remember the code of conduct," I said to myself in the mirror on Tuesday. “You can just say positive, encouraging words from the sidelines and that is all."

I’ve never been a wild rabid fan of sports. But sometimes I get excited in the moment. And that’s okay, so long as you can keep yourself in check.

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Plenty More Games

There will be league more games after today, more opportunities for wins, she more chances to move up in the standings.

But this game matters! It always does. Today is game day and we are going to be pumped up for the competition. Our team has talent and they are going to show what they can do on the field.

“Go team!" is what I’m going to yell.

“You can do it!" sounds fine too.

I’m not going to say, “Crush them into oblivion!" No, I will not do that, but I might feel it emotionally.

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