Invest In Yourself, But Don’t Go Broke In The Process Of Doing It

Keep as much money as you can and avoid student debt

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Students these days are faced with difficult choices. If they want to go to a great university, there seems to be an endless list of costs, fees and expenses. Beyond tuition, there is room and board and miscellaneous items too.

There has to be another way. People should not have to dig themselves a bottomless pit of debt when they are so young.

What can students do?

  • They can give themselves other choices. Sit down and write out all of the possibilities and consider them. This is often the hardest part of all, to believe that there is value in other options.
  • Search for free college credit. These days it is pretty easy to enroll in free or almost free university classes. There are local community colleges that seem very affordable.
  • Take as many online courses as possible. This saves you the expenses of going to campus and you can eat at home.
  • Find free online technology programs. These are becoming more popular all the time.
  • Start the process early. This takes lots of work and planning and it should begin in the first years of high school.

Another idea is to question the value of a famous prestigious university. Yes, it’s great to have the socal connections that you develop there and they can be valuable. But at what cost to you personally?

Try to think about what you want to do in life and the many different roads that can take you there. It’s not always the case that spending buckets of money on tuition and expenses is the smartest choice in life.

A college education and the training it includes can help many make it in this world. But there are ways to make it a lot more affordable and possibly more unique. Go your own way and succeed.

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