Is Being Home Causing You To Eat More?

How to get away from overeating

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The world has changed a lot since 2020. Entire industries have been disrupted and many families find themselves at home for the majority of each day.

What do people do at home if they are not working or doing distance learning? They eat their meals, of course.

One problem that can emerge when a person is so close to the kitchen for most of their waking hours is the tendency to eat snacks in addition to the regular meals.

I know that I am experiencing the issue of eating too much these days. It is very easy to do, so I have been trying to avoid it, when possible.

Here are some strategies that I have been using to get myself to eat less:

  • Eat only during the three mealtimes
  • Don’t do any snacking time
  • Find things to do outside the home, such as exercising, walking, and gardening
  • Keep busy with projects
  • Do household chores

Eating to feel better or because it tastes good is a common reaction to excess stress. It is normal, of course, especially these days with so many concerns and challenges.

It is helpful to remind yourself that occasional treats are acceptable, but not to go overboard. Here are some suggestions about how to go about this.

  • Specify one or a few days a week when you can have desserts like ice cream or cake
  • Use smaller bowls or plates so the quantity looks bigger
  • Eat your dessert slowly and enjoy every bite

Lastly, it is easy to buy a lot of takeout or delivery. But those costs can add up quickly and you may not be getting the best quality or most healthy meals.

Allow yourself to pay for delivery or food for takeout, but make sure you limit the number of times you do this every month. That way you can still enjoy what you want without all of the guilt.

Remember to cook and consume healthy meals as much as possible. Allow yourself some treats now and again. Do your best to limit the quantity of food so that you don’t eat when you have nothing else to do.

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