Is Your Career Stock Market Value Dropping Way Too Fast?

Tips to make sure your career investments retain value and bring dividends

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  • Changing world. You might find yourself in an industry that is becoming obsolete, like a giant shopping mall in a time when people buy online.
  • Technology. Are you both able and willing to learn new technologies quickly and easily? Some people are not able to do so. Others are not inclined to do so.
  • Costs/benefits. Does your value as an employee greatly exceed your costs to the employer? This matters a lot when they think of people they can dismiss or roles that can be eliminated.
  • Leadership. Does what you do and your daily presence signify a leadership quality that other companies would want?
  • Costs. Develop strategies to help eliminate or reduce expenses.
  • Opportunities. Suggest ways the future version of your business can outsmart competitors.
  • Education/Training. Find ways to get more skills, education, or training that can help you in your career and help the work site.

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