Is Your Power Bill Cost Going To Spike Up Like In Other Places?

How to take control of your heat

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If you have heard the news about the recent cold front and inclement weather in Texas and other states, you may seen that many households and businesses are going to receive dramatically higher power bills for their electricity and gas usage.

There will be an investigations, of course, into how things happened and how costs skyrocketed so high and so quickly. Those investigations will take time and it will be interesting to see the results.

In the meantime, this is a great opportunity for every household to check their monthly power bill for the details on how much they are being charged.

There are things you may want to do when you look at your monthly bill. You can check for things like:

  • If the rate you pay fixed or variable?
  • Will your bill go up suddenly due to the cost that is paid by the supplier, if their costs rise?
  • Are you able to receive alerts when your cost or rates go up in a hurry?
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Photo credit: Darrin Atkins

You might also want to check your household to see what you are paying and if that cost can go down. Your utility might have ways to help you discover how to reduce your gas or electric usage.

  • Are you using energy efficient appliances?
  • How about LED light bulbs?
  • Which appliances are using the most power?

Remember that safety is important so always make sure you are warm enough in your home. There are ways to reduce the amount you pay and still be comfortable. Contact your provider to see if they have suggestions to help you save money.

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