Keep Smiling, Friend

It helps get you through the day

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Photo credit: Darrin Atkins

Keep smiling

My friend

Even on the days

When you don’t feel like it

Keep smiling

My friend

It makes a big difference

All the time

You don’t have to grin

Or laugh

Or joke around

Just keep smiling

And let your problems

Roll away

I get it

I know

It’s not all that easy to

Keep smiling

My friend

But what choice do we have

We can’t

Walk around

With a frown

A grumpy face

A grouchy person

No thank you

Keep smiling

My friend


Go look for something

To smile about

You should be able

To find something

A pretty woman

A handsome man

A lovely flower

A sandy beach

A great coffee shop

Keep smiling

My friend

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