Kings Vs. Warriors Playoff Series Starts Tonight

Darrin Atkins
2 min readApr 15

Who will win the series and advance?

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It starts today. Game one of the playoff series between the Golden State Warriors versus Sacramento Kings happens at last. Are you ready for this?

Interesting Coaching History
Did you know that Mike Brown used to be an assistant coach with the Warriors? That might help give his team an edge, if he can figure out the matchups.

Who is going to guard Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry? That’s going to be crucial for Mike Brown to figure out, and it will be even harder to implement a plan to stop both of them.

Home Court Advantage

The Kings get home court because of their better record this year. That is absolutely important because they need to get some early wins in this series. If possible, they should win the first two games to put all of the pressure on the Warriors.

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Youth or Experience

Some may say that playoff experience and championship pedigree are what will get you to the NBA Finals. The Sacramento Kings do not have much of that so they need to find a different way.

While the Warriors are the defending champions and have won a few other rings recently, it appears that the Kings have young talent who are full of energy and lighting speed. Sacramento can also shoot three-pointers as well as Golden State.

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Final Thoughts

This matchup between the Warriors and Kings could be the most exciting and intense series in all of the 2023 playoffs. If both teams win their home games, we could get treated with a game seven for the ages.

Tune in tonight and watch the NBA playoffs and see who wins the first game with the Golden State Warriors on the road at the Sacramento Kings. Northern California keeps a treat, to be able to see these two exciting basketball teams play each other.

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