Let God Show You The Way To A Life Of Love

Learn to love yourself and others and forgive their transgressions

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There is so much to love about life. And there are so many wonderful things in the world that we take for granted.

When was the last time that you:

  • Enjoyed a sunrise or sunset
  • Smelled some flowers
  • Enjoyed a walk outside
  • Gave or received a hug
  • Smiled at someone or had someone smile at you

The world has so much to offer in terms of love and happiness, but so often we get dragged down by little things that are inconsequential. We need to retrain ourselves so our mindset is different.

  • Try not to respond in anger, but take time to compose your words carefully
  • Be kind to others, but be assertive when you need to be
  • Give of yourself
  • Be kind-hearted and loving
  • Work as a team

It is easy to hold grudges and to think of how you were mistreated in the past or treated unfairly. Yes, it is true that people discriminate against others and treat some people in an inappropriate matter.

Try to look for the times when you were treated well by some people and think of those moments. Remember the goodness of people and those who give of themselves in the local community.

There is a lot of love in the world. There is even more that can be created by you and me and everyone around us. Do your part to make the world around us better and love will surely grow.

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writer and novelist. traveler and adventurer. looking for fun in the sun. chasing the dream. can't stop the feeling that time is going faster.

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