Let The Quiet Snow Welcome You Gently

Nature can soothe your soul

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Photo by Ali Inay on Unsplash

In the winter, I like to see and remember snow. I enjoy the quiet of it all, and the sitting by the fire to keep warm.

Nature has a great way of keeping your mind at ease. The worries of the world can float away while you enjoy the gentleness and beauty of the world.

If you are close to snow and it falls in your area, take the time to appreciate it.

  • Bundle up and take a walk
  • Feel the snow in your hand
  • Listen to the wind blow the snow all around
  • Hear the snow and ice crunch under your feet
  • Watch the snow melt on a leaf or on a branch of a tree

The wonders of winter are especially beautiful in some parts of the country. If you have been blessed with winter wonderlands, make sure to photograph then for posterity.

You can also keep a journal log of your winter days. Write down what you experience and how it made you feel.

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Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Winter has always been my favorite season. I looked forward to freshly fallen snow as a child and it was a joy to be the first to make a path to the mailbox.

This January right now is the month I’ve looked forward to more than ever, if only to try to escape the entire year before. With this new month and year, there are hopes for new beginnings.

I look forward to the future now. This winter will pass and soon a new season will arrive. Until then, I will keep my heart content and try to appreciate the goodness that life can provide every day of each season.

When things don’t turn out well, I will try to remember to keep positive. I will remember to look for a light of goodness, a shining light to keep me on the right path.

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Photo credit: Darrin Atkins

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