Life Is So Very Exhausting

Darrin Atkins
3 min readDec 6, 2023

Are we even getting close to the weekend?

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I can’t even believe the day I had recently.

First, the darn internet was slow and that caused my applications to freeze up. I tried to just close out certain programs but that didn’t work so I had to shut the whole computer down and start over. Then of course I had to enter all of my passwords again. Come on, work with me.

Next, it was freezing cold and I could not get warm. It turns out that somebody had opened two windows recently when they were cleaning. (I’m not saying who it was!) So I closed them right away and asked myself, “I wonder how much money was wasted this week.”

Third, in the evening I completely forgot my own rule about not driving down the main street in my town because the traffic is so horrendous. “How could you forget this?" I said as I tapped the steering wheel. Plus, why is that white van in front of me so crazy tall? I can’t see anything at all anywhere. What kind of madness is this?

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Next, the repair person stopped by and said that our problem appliance is completely worn out and everything needs to be replaced right away. “Really?" Yep, of course, and he suggested every single thing is worthless and that there is no discount at all and have a nice day. Come on! “A thousand dollars?" I would rather go without it forever, that is me talking, but I guess I can’t make that decision.

Fifth, I got a notice in the mail that our garbage pickup rates are going up again soon. Even more, they are mandating that everyone upgrade to the largest containers so that is a second increase to be added on later. For garbage? Come on, man. Get real, it’s not right.

Lastly, my favorite basketball team lost and now they are out of the in-season NBA tournament. That’s a big bummer right there and the Sacramento Kings should have won that game. Maybe I’m missing something but I don’t see how they lost. What was the game plan? I better write a letter to ownership and see if I can get an explanation. Never mind, I’m too exhausted to even try to find an empty envelope and sixty-cent stamp. Just try and forget about it as soon as possible.

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