Look For Your Story Success In The Right Places

Darrin Atkins
3 min readFeb 17, 2024

Don’t look in the wrong places, my friend

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The other day I was searching in the garage for something for ten minutes.

Finally, someone says, “It’s right in front of your face."

I’m not sure why I didn’t search in that spot before anywhere else.

Then on another day I was worried about having to wait four weeks for something that I really needed. But then I happened to pick up something I thought was nothing at all; it turned out to be the very thing I needed the most.

Photo by Emmanuel Phaeton on Unsplash

Writing stories and creating content ideas is great fun, but the reality is that there needs to be some success involved. People need income for their lives and that means it’s important to get views, readers and engagement.

Are you looking for story success in the right places? For me, I had to find out what worked and what didn’t. That took a while but it was worth it.

  • I learned that being a Friend of Medium was the right thing for me
  • I learned that it is important for me to write on a regular basis, but it doesn’t have to be every day



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