Make More Money On Medium By Writing About Your Passions

Write what you know and care about and the views, comments and likes will follow naturally

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Lots of people have interesting hobbies and things they enjoy. Surprisingly, they write a lot about completely different things.

You can often tell if someone really cares for what they are writing about, because it is fairly easy to pick up the tone of the written content.

If the article is competent and well-written, it can still do well and make you some money. But if the writing is wonderful and interesting, and it is also written professionally, it is likely to do really well.

This is good advice for every writer, myself included. For example, what events or places in my personal history do I care about? Well, here is a partial list:

  • Alaska. Oh, I love this state because I lived there one summer and I had a chance to have a fun adventure and see all kinds of wonder.
  • Los Angeles, California. I lived down in the L.A. area quite a few times. I love that place for sure and can’t wait to get back to Malibu, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, downtown L.A, and places in between.
  • Arizona. I have a lot of interesting memories from my couple of years in different parts of Arizona.
  • Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris and London. I love these cities for so many different reasons.

It is easy to make a list of your favorite places or events. There is so much in your life that others are likely to find interesting and want to read about.

The hard part is picking one and believing that others want to hear about it. But even if they don’t, you can always bring your passion to life if you give it a try.

What is your daily life look like for you? You don’t have to talk about everything, of course, but maybe pick out something that you find memorable or interesting.

For me, I enjoy walking in the small garden in the back yard. Every day there are some butterflies that float around and sometimes there are hummingbirds too. And once in a while, if you are still, some birds will fly by and land on a tree branch.

So make sure you look for something you know about or something personal in your life or history. There are so many people who will enjoy and appreciate what you have to write about.

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writer and novelist. traveler and adventurer. looking for fun in the sun. chasing the dream. can't stop the feeling that time is going faster.

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