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Darrin Atkins
2 min readSep 12

Find ways to make money and keep more if it forever for your family as long as possible

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It’s all about the Benjamins.

That’s right. It’s true. A lot of like comes down to money and whether or not you have enough to get through the hard times.

The good times? No problem at all. When stocks are booming and property values are increasing, you can almost feel the money growing all around you.

But when bad times happen and stocks crash, property valuations seem to sink at the same time and then here comes the misery.

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What are you doing to make more money to help yourself? Here are some ideas.

  • Start a business
  • Develop a side hustle
  • Find better interest rates for your money
  • Drive a car or truck for extra cash
  • Consider being a consultant
  • Start a pet business like dog walking
  • Sell crafts that you make
  • Develop a new career

Every day is a new opportunity for a better future. The hard part is making the decision and taking the first step.

With computers and artificial intelligence, it is very easy these days to figure out what you need for your business and how to become successful.

What do you need to do?

  • Consult an expert
  • Develop a business plan
  • Consider the competition
  • Determine sales numbers
  • Meet with others
  • Get appropriate licenses or incorporation
  • Set an opening date
  • Start making sales

Nobody said it will be easy. But if you have a passion for something, just think about the fun you could have if you got paid to do that every single day. It wouldn’t seem like work at all and you would probably be excited to wake up every morning.

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