Make Your Number Two A Number One Priority

Eat healthy food so your bathroom breaks are not stressful events of unending dread and worry

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If your anal sphincter muscles and bowels could talk, what would they say to you this week? I hope they would have kind words for you. If not, then there will be some discomfort coming your way.

Going to the bathroom should not be a chore that is frowned upon. It should be seen as a reminder of your health.

Both number one and number two are there to clean your body but also to let you know if you are or are not consuming the best foods and liquids.

Most people have a pretty good idea of their diet when they make a trip to the bathroom. There are visual clues and physical reactions that give you major hints. This is your body’s way of communicating with you.

If you are experiencing unusual symptoms, you may need to see a medical professional. And of course do not make sudden adjustments to your diet such as drinking too much water or eating excessive amounts of certain foods. Moderation is generally a good thing.


Do you feel that sometimes your bathroom events are an act of Congress, something so big and complicated that it took massive efforts by many participants? This can be an experience felt by a lot of people.

Why does the body do this? Why does it take so long sometimes and then the result is a giant object that clogs the toilet?

Well, that is a complicated question and I am not a medical expert. But I think a lot of it has to do with your diet and the amount of water you are consuming.


What kinds of food do you buy for consumption by yourself and your family members? Hopefully there are plenty of fruits and vegetables and not so many processed foods like crackers and chips.

Imagine that your intestines can talk. Would they say thank you for eating so many soft foods like berries and green vegetables, or would they complain about the fried items and fake meals?


Watching your diet and eating healthy is something that everyone needs to do, especially the owner of your own body. You can make the right choices and your body will feel good.

Do your best to try to drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, and consume fewer processed foods. You body will be grateful and your bathroom breaks too. Then, hopefully, your number two will be number one again.

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