Making Money by Attending Focus Groups

You can supplement your income by signing up for and attending focus group sessions

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Do you like extra money on the side? Do you need extra cash for bills or vacation trips?

If so, then focus groups might be something for you to consider.

What is a focus group? It can be a lot of things. But it usually:

  • Lasts for 1–2 hours
  • Offers a compensation
  • Asks for your opinion
  • Is part of a group
  • Is held at a particular place
  • Can be fun
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If you like adding more money to your bank account, then maybe you can try a focus group.

How do you sign up?

I have attended focus groups before in Northern California so I am writing about my own experiences.

I signed up by:

  • Going to the Craiglist website
  • Finding the jobs section
  • Typing in the phrase focus group

Then from there I followed the instructions on the ad.

What happened next? If my responses fit the needs of the group, I got a telephone call and I answered the questions. Sometimes I was selected for the group. Sometimes not. You have to keep trying. Don’t get discouraged.

What kinds of focus groups have I attended? What were the topics?

  • Diet soda
  • Snacks
  • Travel
  • Credit Cards
  • Websites
  • Baby products

There were other topics too.

Now I don’t know if focus groups are available in your try. But consider it as a possible side income.

Be sincere and honest during the whole process and give your real opinions. If it works, you might get called again and get to attend more.

You can meet a lot of interesting and fun people at focus groups. I know I have.

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