Many Blessings To You In The Garden Of Life

Wishing good will toward others helps both them and ourselves

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Have you ever had a time when you didn’t communicate with someone because you thought they didn’t like you any more and then you realized that wasn’t the case at all? It happens quite a bit and that’s too bad.

Friendships and other types of relationships have to keep growing in order to survive. They take work and commitment. Like plants in the garden, certain elements are needed for friendships to stay alive and healthy.

Think of a person you miss very much and think about what happened that led to the end of the communication. You might discover that there was nothing at all that should have stopped the friendship. A relationship investigator would be stumped and puzzled as to why the two of you stopped messaging or calling each other.

How can you wish good will to your friends and family members to make sure your relationships are alive and well in the garden of life?

  • Tell them that you are thinking of them and wishing them well
  • Think good thoughts about them
  • Include them in your prayers
  • Maintain regular contact
  • Ask if you can help them
  • Let them know you are doing well
  • Ask for help or advice if you need it
  • Relay tips and news about any shared interests you have
  • Remember them on holidays
  • Share your vacation adventures
  • Send positive news
  • Inform them about major milestones in your life

Wishing others good will is not just about the literal act of hoping for prosperity for others or saying it out loud. It goes beyond that to include the sharing of personal information in your life, like in the examples I just mentioned. This type of sharing is done with people that you care about, and it is not done with regular acquaintances.

If you have any friendships or relationships that you want to grow again in your garden of life, think back to how much you valued them when you spoke or communicated regularly. Was it wonderful to hear from them? If so, it only takes a little effort to send a message that they are on your mind and you are hoping they are doing well.

Now more than ever we need our friends and any other good relationships that we have had before. Consider how wonderful your heart and mind will feel when you open the doors wide open for them to come back in your life.

The garden of life is waiting for you. Do your part to make sure you have a sunny place for the ones you care about so much. Nurture those relationships with good soil, water, and plenty of sunshine. Let them grow and bring you joy and happiness.

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