Medium’s New Partner Program Incentives Can Help You Find Your Writing Voice

Darrin Atkins
3 min readSep 17

Continue writing the best content possible based on your own personal experiences

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With the rise of artificial intelligence, it is a scary time to be a writer on this planet. Think about it for a second. An AI app could summarize a sports game in a matter of seconds. Why would news organizations ever pay for writers again?

There is a difference in the content created by artificial intelligence and that developed by writers and editors. Readers can sense it right away. Good do you know?

  • A bland tone
  • A lack of style
  • Impersonal writing
  • No irony or wit
  • Missing the human touch

New Incentives

Medium wants to make sure the writers in the platform create meaningful content that is unique, special, distinct and worthwhile.

We don’t need average content any more, not on Medium or any other news publication or media platform. The world needs great reporting with a human angle, written by writers who care about their work and who put their own personality into the content.

Medium us now newly focused on rewarding:

  • Originality in content
  • Personal stories with heart
  • Memorable writing that shines

What does this mean for you? Likely it means more pay and a boost for content that you create that is exemplary and that meets or exceeds the new goals.

Set A High Bar

  • Be original. Do everything you can to write something brand new and that shows your personality.
  • Speak from the heart. Talk about yourself and what you are experiencing in life.
  • Teach from your experiences. Readers want to learn how others overcome struggles and conquer personal demons.

The Living Of Life

Every day brings new joys and wrenching losses. What do you see and how are your experiences different?

Recently my brother passed away and I shared the experience in a Medium story. It was hard to talk about and I didn’t…

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