Memo To Future Self

Darrin Atkins
3 min readSep 24

Subject Line: Have a good time as often as you possibly can because life is short

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I thought of something the other day. It was a little thing, just an idea, but it got me thinking.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have done that," was the thing in my head that woke me up out of the blue, where I sat alone at four in the morning.

I wanted to write a memo. The recipient would be myself in the future. There would be some important things to be said.

  • Have lots of fun. This seems simple enough, but in reality it can be pretty challenging. The trick, my friend, is to find the fun in life, in daily moments, and in being creative about it. Can you enrich the more mundane parts of life and bring joy to those around you? “High five!" I say whenever possible, wherever something good has happened to find us.
  • Care about others. Oh boy, when something bad happens or somebody makes a huge life expect, it is all too easy for people to point the finger and turn their backs. “Did you hear about what they did?" Yes, it’s true, but they still need love in life and they deserve kindness throughout all of their days.
  • Go on adventures. In order to stay mentally fit, it is probably a good thing for you to do different things, to challenge yourself with adventures every once in a while. “Conquer the world" may not be your cup of tea, but there are new places to discover all around your town or city.
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Even as you get older and maybe less adventurous, there are ways to find the motivation to do more in life. Sitting at home too much is a ticket to a sedentary lifestyle and that’s not good for you.

Do what you can to have an upbeat positive outlook on life. After all, good things happen every day to millions of people around the world and you could be next in line for that.

  • Show me your smile
  • Say something nice
  • Think good of your neighbors
  • Find fun facts about life
  • See a new place today
  • Discover a fresh take on an old part of town
  • Seek out wonderful interactions
  • Stay positive and confident
  • Send a positive note
  • Write a nice letter

You never know what people around you are experiencing in their lives. But you can smile and say hello. You can leave a little word of encouragement. Lastly, you can bring fun and joy to others with very little effort on your part.

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