Mystery Seeds From China, And Other Things To Consider

Yes, the world is full of surprises

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There has been a lot of talk in the news about mystery seeds being mailed to people, either by accident, wrong address, or other reason. It is hard to know for sure what is happening, but I tend to stay neutral on these discussions.

In life, you are likely to experience events that may or may not be positive or negative. They can be neutral, where nothing bad has to happen and maybe some new knowledge or experience can be found therein.

Do you ever have something happen, where maybe you get some constructive criticism that stings a bit at the time? But then this helps you get focused on what you need to be doing and your skill level jumps higher. I’ve had this happen to me on occasion.

I think we all need some mystery seeds in our lives, not necessarily literal ones in the mail or anything like that. We need the mystery seeds that keep us motivated in life, that propel us to keep learning and growing as individuals.

It is easy to fall into the realm of sadness and despair when your world starts to crumble. Do your best to stay strong and be open to the mystery seeds of life that are bound to come your way.

There is so much goodness in life if we can be open to it. Let love and happiness overwhelm your soul and really care for the loved ones in the life. Let life’s warmth guide you.

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