Ninjas Attack At Loveridge Peak
The only way to get to my love

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Photo credit: Darrin Atkins

“I miss you," said my love a week ago.

I missed her too, quite a lot.

“Please visit me," she said softly. "Take the long way.”

I never did. You see, the long way around Loveridge Peak took at least four days while the short way was a matter of a few hours.

“I have some kisses for you."

“I’ll be there tomorrow night," I said to her yesterday.

“Be careful my love."

We both knew I didn’t have the patience for the never-ending trek up the back of the peak and through all of the safe and monitored trails. Everyone else went that way to see their loved ones, because nobody liked the trouble from ninjas.

I hate ninjas. Not because they attack and kill people for their clothes and valuables, and that is very wrong, but because I have use my energy and effort to defeat them. And I have to wait until the darkest night of the month to visit my love.

I grabbed my bag, strapped it on my back, and then set off up the trail. It was winter and getting dark fast.

It might seem reckless to face ninjas on the darkest nights of the year. You see, they can’t see me very well and I can’t see them either so it seems fair.

“I’ll wear your favorite white dress of mine,” she had promised.

I thought of that as I heard the sound of shooting stars break the silence. Most missed me but two landed in my upper left arm.

“Those sting quite a bit," I said as I pulled them out quickly.

Then it waa the rush of two ninjas as they came at me on the trail. One swiped at me with a long blade while the other jumped in the air to kick my head.

I grabbed his black pants and swung him down onto an old tree stump. He howled in agony.

The other one pounced on me and put me in a headlock. I got dizzy in the dark as he tried to use his weight to break my neck.

I tilted the other way and pushed off to slam his face into the side of a tree.

They were then both unconscious so I took off up the hill.

“I bought us a new bedsheet," she had mentioned to me.

I hustled up the trail as fast as I could. As I turned the next corner, I knew I was surrounded. There were ninjas everywhere dressed completely in black.

“Maybe I should’ve taken the long way,” I said to nobody in particular.

But I knew that if I got past these two dozen ninjas, then I would be finished with fighting for the evening. They were blocking the entrance to the top exit of the safe side of Loveridge Peak.

“I bought us some scented candles," she had mentioned.

I raced left and grabbed the head of one of the ninjas. I kicked him hard and spun lighting fast. The shooting stars flew again and one got me in the forehead and I didn’t have time to take it out.

I pulled two ninjas into the center area.

“Come and get me!” I yelled to the others.

I fought hard and fast and they cut me deep and quick. I knocked one out here with a punch to the face, and another down there with an elbow to the nose. I fought them a very long time.

For the last one I pulled the shooting star out of my forehead and flung it hard into his neck, killing him instantly.

Then I looked around at all of the carnage and blood. It was worth it to get to my love in a hurry.

A minute later I was in her arms on the other side of Loveridge Peak.

She kissed me hard as she held my arms tight to stop the flow of blood.

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