One App Drove Me Completely And Utterly Crazy The Other Day

Is it just me who gets frustrated?

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Do you ever have days when technology seems to win and you seem to lose? After all, it was supposed to be the case that technology was going to make things easier for us, to make us more productive, and to free up our time to have more sunny days on the beach.

Well, I had one heck of a day the other day and nothing seemed to go right, and it just went on and on, like I was in a big dark field with only a tiny light way off in the distance.


First of all, I spent the night before setting up the laptop computer, testing it to make sure it would work according to the technical requirements of my meeting. Of course I would do this as I think most other people would do it too.

The software said it would take just a short time to test everything, and I think I have a different definition of the meaning of the word, because it was not a short three minutes at all, and I kept wondering on and on if it was working or not.

But finally I got the all-clear on the first part, and so next was the test of the video and audio. I clicked on that and I could see myself in the video test and that meant it was right on working okay, except I totally forgot to check the audio but, late in the night, I figured it would be fine.


The next morning I made sure the computer was charging and everything seemed fine until, of course, the wifi went down. So I went and checked on it and sure enough there were five devices connected, so I wondered what to do.

The answer, of course, was that too many tablets were connected to the wifi but nobody was using two of those so I turned them off completely, and then that helped because the wifi in my computer came back on.

I logged into the program and it said it needed to retest everything, but that was okay because I still had thirty minutes until the online event started. No problem at all.

Time seemed to start going a lot faster as I got closer. The test worked fine again and then I moved into the video portion.

Okay good, here we go. I clicked on the video page but there was no way to scroll down to initiate the start of sharing my video. I touched the screen a few times and that didn’t work at all, entirely because it wasn’t a touch screen at all, I realized. The down arrows didn’t work and neither did the tab button on the keyboard.

I didn’t know what to do and I only had a few minutes left. Finally I glanced at my phone and saw a message that I needed to use an app instead of the other way. Okay, very good, so I downloaded that and waited and then created a login and password, and then I found the meeting number and tried to join. Woah, that was a lot.

Okay, there was some progress. Next I could hear some audio, good, so I listened and tried to follow along, but they were talking about everyone’s video settings, so I’m clicking around trying to find it, but being careful not to end the meeting, so there’s no settings or menu or anything like that, so I hold it sideways and I see the video for those in the meeting, so it is just in time as they ask for a volunteer to start and I say something but there is no audio for me for some reason.

Mercifully, I was then let out of the meeting and I wasn’t angry at all, no not one bit, and I didn’t mind that the moderator didn’t let me back in. It was time for me to move on.

Well, technology, you won today, but I’ll be back tomorrow and we will battle again.

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