Productivity, Workplace Changes, and The Future Of Working From Home

Things are going to be different in a hurry. Start getting used to it.

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If you haven’t notice by now, the world is rapidly changing. People are being asked to work from home or telecommute. Children are getting used to online group learning away from the physical classroom. And businesses are realizing that success is contingent on how fast they can adapt and pivot to serving their clients remotely.

What are people doing differently now?

  • Lots more online ordering of groceries
  • Restaurant orders for delivery or pickup
  • Lining up outside stores to comply with social distancing
  • Group meetings online, for work, school or recreational purposes
  • Development of more ways to pay online, such as government fees or other purchases previously done in person
  • Implementation of much more flexibility for everyone impacted by the rapid changes in the world

How will your life and society change going forward?

  • Rapid changes as to whether or not large crowds will gather together
  • Quicker tests to determine if individuals have conditions such as coronavirus and whether they should be admitted into physical arenas or shopping centers
  • Remote scanning of foreheads to determine body temperature
  • Higher levels of disinfectant cleaning
  • Changes to ventilation and air circulation systems
  • Greater focus on research regarding prevention of infectious or contagious diseases
  • More delivery of goods and services
  • Increased number of local drop-off stations for delivery

In terms of productivity, how will the sudden changes in society affect you and your livelihood?

  • You will need to be accessible more hours than ever before
  • The line will be blurred between home and work life
  • Success will require many more hours per day
  • You will have greater dependency on technology ad internet access
  • Quicker responsiveness will be expected and required
  • Quality customer service will be critical for success

It will be interesting to observe all of the great technological and social changes that will begin this year. A lot of the actions will make life harder for millions of people around the world, for those without the skills or technologies required for success may be left behind.

We need to adapt as fast as possible and make sure our productivity is increased in both quality and quantity. It is best to dress for success while working from home, just as you would if you were going to the office. Our work goals need to be met and our sales and revenues need to increase.

Tele-work and online schooling will be with us for a long while so we need to get used to them. Even when this worldwide pandemic subsides, our way of living will have permanently changed for large portions of society. Those who can adapt quickest may reap the most rewards.

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