Puny Paintbrush Denies Dipping Into Pastel Potpourri Pastiche

This story is just for fun

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Photo by okeykat on Unsplash

In a surprise move, a local artist cornered a runaway paintbrush and demanded an explanation.

“You did it on purpose," exclaimed painter Mrs. Johnson hysterically, according to a neighbor who had come running.

When the police arrived, they questioned the witness, Mr. Johnson, who is no relation to the painter.

“They never seemed to get along,” he declared, according to the police statement. “Because, you know, artists take their tools so seriously and take it out on them sometimes.”

The police continued their investigation and tracked the paintbrush to where it was hiding behind an easel.

“You must keep her away from me," shouted Penny Polk Paintbrush. "She has blamed me for all of her artist mishaps, as she calls them.”

The police informed the media that no charges were brought and the two parties resolved their issues.

“Just another domestic issue," said one officer.

“But one thing," joked the sergeant. “We should’ve seen the painted writing on the wall."

They laughed as they sped away in the patrol car.

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