The joy of reading leads to adventures, knowledge and opportunities in life

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When was the last time you read just for the fun of it? Hopefully you can think of a few examples. After all, reading can add so much to your life and to those in your household.

  • You can read for your own enjoyment
  • You can give yourself a break from looking at your computer screen
  • The kids can learn about the world through fun books from the library
  • Comic books are great fun, for both boys and girls
  • There are still some print newspapers and magazines that you can bring home to share

There is more to reading than books, of course. Here are some examples:

  • Have children read the instructions on cake boxes and help them make a cake
  • Find a printed map and teach others how to use it and to find their way around town
  • Read instruction manuals and find out about extra features for your electronic devices

There is an old expression about how knowledge is power. Yes, but I believe that reading is more powerful, because it can lead to knowledge.

Reading can also help you save money and be more successful financially. You can discover if you are getting a good deal on your mortgage or car loan. Reading the details and fine print matters quite a lot these days.

Try and encourage others to read more and spend less time on the computer. Read for fun whenever you can. Make sure you have a constant supply of new reading materials in the home so there is plenty of variety for everyone.

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