Reasons Why You Can Start Planning Now On Your Post-Coronavirus Life

This is going to end soon and then we can be better than we were before

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The last few weeks have been rather difficult for most of the population on the planet, and there are hundreds of millions more people whose lives just started to get impossible. Every day seemed to bring massive walls of frustration and difficulty. But the history books one day will show an end date to the first chapter of this story.

The local news just reported that local schools should open again in about five weeks. That is bittersweet news to tons of people. One the one hand it is great to have a specific target date, but on the other hand that is more than a full month away. That feels like forever when every day is crucial, when you’re being kept away from work and cannot take the kids to school.

Yes, there will still be more and more numbers of people being diagnosed with the virus in the days and weeks ahead, but the damage to inter-dependent world economies is incalculable and the unemployment rate is truly skyrocketing. There needs to be a time when people can go to work again and earn money to pay their current rent and any back rent they were not able to pay.

Here are my reasons why we can start planning the beginning of our new future:

  • Some school districts have set a date when children can return
  • The government leaders know that we have to get back to work, because the economy will collapse into a black hole if we don’t
  • Some leaders are passing legislation that will help give people money to get back on their feet
  • Money is going to be available to businesses and companies so they can open up again, buy their goods, and hire back their workers
  • Children need to be around other children, and they need to learn from each other
  • The public transportation agencies need the revenue of commuters
  • Restaurants want customers inside their walls, to have that hustle and bustle like it was before
  • Movie theaters and Broadway shows need attendees
  • Coffee shops and cafes are more interesting and vibrant when people are there interacting with one another
  • Parks are not parks and beaches are not beaches if people are not allowed to go there
  • Cities and towns need people to walk about and laugh and enjoy themselves

Things may change, of course, and dates can be modified, postponed or cancelled. We all know this. But we have to have some date that we can believe in, that we can use to start planning how we’re going to get our lives back track. We need a specific date more than we know that we need it.

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