Relationship Comfort Zones And The World Of Knowing What Is Needed To Keep The Joy Alive

People want to show their love. It’s not always as easy as you think.

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People need each other more than ever these days. And people want to help as much as they can. But often, through no fault of our own, it becomes hard to love and care when the pressures of life begin to surround us.

What can be done about it? After all, the basic hierarchy of needs tends to lean heavily on food and shelter. Without access to those two items, everything else can seem to fade away into irrelevance.

I know for sure that people want to love and care for those in their life. They want to provide a warm and loving home environment, with access to a home, healthy food, and recreational opportunities.

How do people fall out of their relationship comfort zones and get to the point where the relationship is fragile?

  • High levels of stress
  • Financial problems
  • Emotional needs not being met
  • Physical desires not being fulfilled
  • Psychological issues
  • Poor communication or lack thereof
  • Low levels of respect for each other
  • Imbalances in the relationship

How can you show that you care about keeping the relationship alive and in a wonderful state?

  • Make extra efforts every day
  • Show that you are listening to the other person
  • Determine the wants and needs of each partner and whether or not they are being met
  • Help enable the other to follow their passions and dreams
  • Open different lines of communication

What is the range of your relationship comfort zones? Some people have more needs in order to be content in life, so they maybe they have become uncomfortable. Others have minimal needs and their zone is narrow, though their specific needs may be smaller in number

For some individuals, their most important needs may be physical in nature, such as hugging, kissing, or other types of intimacy. If this is how they measure the quality of their relationship, and the measurement is low, they are probably out of their relationship comfort zone in this area. They would probably rank themselves as dissatisfied with their relationship.

For others, they may have an emotional comfort zone that means that they need more acknowledgment of their emotions than others, and possibly more time talking about what is happening on an emotional level. A lack of this activity could push or pull someone out of their emotional comfort zone.

Some couples may not talk about their issues and where they are in the many different types of relationship comfort zones. Sometimes it is a lot easier to just not talk about things, especially given all of the other issues in the world and more pressing needs. Just remember to be cognizant of relationship comfort zones to see if some needs are not being met by one or both partners, and consider strategies to put yourselves back on the right track.

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