Scammers And Pirates Are Trying To Trick People

Don’t let them get your money by making these simple changes

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Are you getting all kinds of random phone callers on your phone? I know I am, and I’m pretty sure most of the calls are spammers trying to rip me off.

I don’t mean to be cynical but these days you have to get suspicious of anyone and anything. Criminals want easy money and I think a bunch of us are their targets.

But what can you do to protect yourself? Here are some suggestions:

  • Don’t talk to strangers. We learned this way back in elementary school but it is easy to forget. Time and again people answer the phone and just start talking to strangers and soon enough they fall for a scam and lose their money.
  • Don’t send money to strangers. Every week I hear about someone who received a call that said that their relative was in jail or in trouble and money needed to be sent right away to help them. This scam can happen to anyone so be alert. If something is happening regarding danger and money, just be on high alert.
  • Don’t click on spam emails. This is hard to do sometimes because of all the hyperlinks everywhere. But if you get an email with a link or request to click on something, I would avoid this and not do it.
  • Don’t open spam emails. Do you ever get tempted to open an email even though your brain says it’s probably spam but what’s the harm in just looking at it? I’ll tell you the harm. There are tiny images inside of emails that, after the images are opened are pop up, send messages back to the sender with all kinds of information about you. I’m serious. I’ve changed my email settings to prevent images bring opened or visible when I open emails, and I still try to avoid spam emails.
  • Don’t fall for obvious tricks. What’s an example? Say you get a message or email from someone who thinks you’re wonderful and great, and they want a relationship, only they can’t meet in person, but they really need money or gift cards to help the poor. Be alert to things that are unlikely to be true.
  • Don’t take money to deposit. Do you want free money? That is one of the biggest scams on the planet. The message might want you to deposit a check and keep some of it as your fee. Seriously? Free money for doing next to nothing? Again, don’t talk to strangers.

Hope you can use and implement these ideas into your life to help protect your money and assets. Look out for yourself on a regular basis and don’t fall for scams, spam, con artists, and grifters.

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