Scary Fires And Global Warming Destroy Us

It is real and it’s going to get worse unless we do what is needed

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Every month we seem to get horrible fires somewhere in the world. We need to find solutions to this tragic problem.

Right now we are having big fires up and down my beautiful state of California, and as I type this I can smell the smoke from fires thirty miles northwest of where we live.

It was very recently that California had really horrible fires that tore through hundreds of thousands of acres, and before that some of my family members most homes in the fire in the town of Paradise, California.

What can be done about all these fires and how they are likely to keep happening? It might come down to each individual working to improve their neck of the woods. What can you do?

  • Look around. See where you live and consider if it is in a dangerous fire area or not, and consider what can be done about it.
  • Contact your local fire officials. If you have some ideas, share them with your fire department and see what they think.
  • Be involved. Contact your government representatives and elected officials and ask what can be done in your region to help.

Each of us has a part to play in helping prevent the next big fire. Try not to just assume that there will be enough fire prevention to cover everything, or that there will be plenty of firefighters when the time comes.

Be an active participant in helping prevent fires where you live, so you can protect your home and neighborhood. If everyone can participate a little bit, we might have a chance to stop the next big fire where you live, instead of placing blame after the fact.

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