Seven Survival Strategies

Darrin Atkins
4 min readJun 14, 2024

How to make it when things go bad and you were just barely getting by as it is

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I’m a worrier.

It’s true. I tend to think of bad things happening and the many ways that life can go wrong.

That’s all I think about sometimes.

Hey, right now most adults have a job so they are doing fine. Some people might have a few jobs if a single one isn’t paying for everything that they need.

But what happens when jobs become scarce, or inflation goes higher, or both things happen at the same time? I’ll tell you what happens. Survival becomes a very urgent priority.

Here are some survival strategies if things get tough in life. These are just ideas, of course, so maybe sure you talk to other people before making drastic decisions.

  1. A Place To Live. You definitely need a home or residence of some kind, to keep you safe and comfortable. What happens if you don’t have enough money for your apartment or house? If that is on your horizon, you need to start making a backup plan immediately. See if you can find a cheaper place to live. If not, consider talking to a relative to see if they can help. Lastly, consider a mobile home park if that is possible. Just make sure that you are working on a plan in case you have to move.
  2. Food And Eating



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