Seven Writer Talent Secrets

Darrin Atkins
3 min readNov 30, 2023

Success is about commitment, effort, talent, desire and a few other things that matter

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Success can happen in many ways. That’s true in life for sure.

As a writer, you may be going for recognition, fame, money or it could be that you are just being creative. Either way, you have your reasons for being on Medium or for choosing to be a writer or content creator.

Did you know that certain things matter a lot more than others when it comes to writing success on Medium? Here are my seven writing secrets and why I believe that they are still important.


Some writers are really committed to the craft of writing and their commitment is shown by the years that go by. They have committed themselves and they know what they want to be in life.

How does one show this? You do it by doing the work year after year, decade after decade.


Your output as a writer can be measured. Are you trying at all? If so, count your stories and put them on a list.

Regardless of ability, effort goes a long way toward success. You need to do the work and it will show.


Some writers are just gifted with words and ability. It is true. Maybe it comes naturally to them or they are built for it.

Regardless, talent helps a lot but it’s not the only thing that matters when it comes to success.


Do you want to be a writer or content creator? One time I wanted to work at magazines and my desire for that was very high.

Guess what happened? That’s right, my passion led me to different magazines where I got more experience.


There are plenty of writers and contributors that do well and find success. Some are just very popular and that is great for them.

As for me, I’ve discovered that connecting with other writers helps in terms of success, feeling involved, and development of a community.


Are you determined to give success on Medium as a writer? That’s a question that you have to answer for…



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