Shootout at the Railroad Overpass Saloon

It’s still the wild west in some places

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Photo credit: Darrin Atkins

“Hey bartender," said Sheriff Dorothy Cannerson, the new law enforcer at Railroad Overpass.

The hotel owner was also the bartender, and he was nervous.

“It don’t feel right," he said. “Too quiet. And business is bad."

“Last night was rough," said the sheriff as she adjusted her gun belt and looked around at some broken beer bottles.

“I can’t keep a business like this, with people stealing horses from other towns and coming here to cause trouble.”

Just then two hung-over thugs bounced down the stairs.

“We got no money to pay the room,” yelled own gleefully.

“So we’re skippin' out on the bill," yelled the other.

The sheriff turned to face them. She was a strong-willed female whose job was to enforce the law in Railroad Overpass, and she didn’t care about these riff-raff horse thieves without a future.

“Step out that door and you’ll be arrested for theft," she said to them.

They stopped for a second which wasn’t long enough.

“Oh yeah, it’s only you!"

The duo stumbled out the front of the hotel and into the dusty road of the wild west town.

Sheriff Cannerson didn’t mind the dangers of law enforcement. She was a very strict officer, always following the rules of law enforcement exactly. She was the first female sheriff in Nevada and she knew she had to set a great example.

“We’re taking over this place," yelled one no-gooder.

The sheriff stood tall and firm.

“You two are under arrest for theft," she said. “Put your hands behind your head now."

The two fools separated from each other by ten yards. The town got quiet. The hotel owner peeked out of his broken front window.

“You can’t get both of us," cackled the shorter one.

“Put down your gunbelts," she commanded.

This wasn’t the sheriff’s first gun battle.

The two hooligans held out their hands above their pistols.

“Give up now and you’ll face the local judge for your crime."

“The hell we will!" screamed the taller but younger roughneck. He drew his weapon fast.

Sheriff Cannerson grabbed her gun and fired fast and accurate and killed the man. He started to fall.

“Die, you rotten sheriff!” said the leader as he pulled out both weapons. He shot quickly but poorly.

Sheriff Cannerson blasted her service revolver and shot twice, bullets that hit where she aimed. The man looked at the holes above his eyes and he collapsed into a thick tumbleweed.

“Good job sheriff," said the hotel owner as he stepped outside.

“I’ll need your witness statement," she said in the hot morning sun.

“Sure thing," he replied. “By the way, the train will be here soon."

“Please help me gather the bodies."

“Yes sheriff," he said. “I hear there’s a special cargo on the train, that the government wants to install in the town.”

The sheriff nodded as they lifted the first body. “Some new technology that will make communication fast and easy.”

Blood flowed onto the dirt road. Change was coming fast to the world. Everyone needed to be ready for it, or else.

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