Should You Call A Help Line?

Yes, you should always call to seek advice if you need it

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People have a lot on their minds these days and things seem to get more difficult by the minute. Just when you think you have your bearings, more bad news seems to come out of nowhere.

It’s hard to feel that you’re in control of anything any more. There’s an order to stay at home from the government, a directive not to show up to work by your company, and the big requirements to keep doing social distancing too protect yourself and others.

You can’t really do anything to make money, yet the bills and expenses keep accumulating like nothing is happening at all. There walls of stress keep closing in on you. Sleep is evasive and they more time you have, there faster it seems to slip away.

But what can you do to help yourself when your frustrations are high and solutions are few and far between? The first step is to remain calm and try to remember that millions of people are in the same situation. You have to keep your composure so your brain and body can find ways to succeed.

If you are having trouble remaining focused and getting through the day, then you may need to contact a professional. There are many free hotlines and online resources where you live. Some are focused on mental health and others help with financial issues.

Here are some examples from my country:

  • Free suicide hotlines
  • Mental health information and resources on the internet
  • Food banks
  • Free food for children from local school districts
  • Financial waivers from financial institutions
  • Payment postponements from banks for home loans or car notes
  • Medical providers and clinics
  • Local or state employment development centers for job placement
  • Service agencies for single parents
  • Homeless shelters
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Free phone numbers for those with relationship issues
  • Services for runaways
  • Safe Surrender Sites when you cannot keep your newborn baby
  • Online groups to join for guidance
  • In-person groups with sponsors to help each other

All you have to do is stop for a moment and call the phone number or go to the website. Do not do anything that you might regret because you are worried sick and don’t know what to do.

Remember that you are loved and appreciated by others and they want you to get the help that you need. You are an important part of your family, your neighborhood, and your country.

We are all going to get through this, and the world crisis is going to make us stronger and more resilient than ever before. Stand up, world, and show everyone your strength, determination, and power.

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